Let Go of Toxic People And Relationships

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Louise Grogan | your personal toxic relationship strategist.

How many times have you said, "This is it, I will no longer tolerate that!"?  And how about these conversations going nowhere each time? And who ends up feeling anxious and sad for days?  You.

  • Meet and greet.

  • Take a snapshot of your situation.

  • Go over your program.

  • Go over the worksheet.

  • Get to work.

Worksheet for the following week.

Week One

What's Been on Your Mind?

Week Two

Core Values and Body Language.

  • Your core values revisied.

  • Your body language.

  • Step into value-character.

Worksheet for the following week.

Week Three

These Red Flags We Don't See or Ignore.

  • Understanding your red flags.

  • Compassion and forgiveness.

  • Sripting your "No More" List.

  • Scriping your boundaries.

Worksheet for the following week.

Week Four

Wrapping Up Your Awareness Gifts.

  • We revisit each topics.

  • Hand you the four golden keys to your healthy relationships and freedom.

  • Answer your questions.

  • One free follow up Skype.

Worksheet for the following week.

Break The Ties

of Toxic People And Relationships


I love to work with Louise. She's a great woman too who have some magic words which changed the perception of the difficult transition I'm going through in my marriage relationship.

Thank you, Louise!


Bangalore, India

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