Let Go of Toxic People And Relationships

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Your One-on-One 

Four-Week Customized Toxic Relationship Program

Feel better fast and make it last!

Louise Grogan | your personal toxic relationship strategist.

Two Heads Work Better Than One.

We Work Together As A Team!

How many times have you said, "This is it, I will no longer tolerate that!"?  And how about these conversations going nowhere each time? And who ends up feeling anxious and sad for days?  You.

How much longer will you put up with this? 

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW tailored to your situation!

What Can You Expect?

 Your Awareness Is Your Shield 

It will protect the quality of your relationships

  • Meet and greet.

  • Take a snapshot of your situation.

  • Go over your program.

  • Go over the worksheet.

  • Get to work.

Worksheet for the following week.

Week One

What's Been on Your Mind?

Week Two

Core Values and Body Language.

  • Your core values revisied.

  • Your body language.

  • Step into value-character.

Worksheet for the following week.

Week Three

These Red Flags We Don't See or Ignore.

  • Understanding your red flags.

  • Compassion and forgiveness.

  • Sripting your "No More" List.

  • Scriping your boundaries.

Worksheet for the following week.

Week Four

Wrapping Up Your Awareness Gifts.

  • We revisit each topics.

  • Hand you the four golden keys to your healthy relationships and freedom.

  • Answer your questions.

  • One free follow up Skype.

Worksheet for the following week.

We take a step back from all the emotional mayhem surrounding you at the moment.

We become the objective observer as if we're looking through a glass window.

We gather the facts. It will give you clarity and emotional peace you are so ready for!

Let's put this behind you once and for all.

Why Wait?

Don't Miss Out.

 Why Wait?

90 minutes | $174

per session

Break The Ties

of Toxic People And Relationships


What People Say About Louise...

I love to work with Louise. She's a great woman too who have some magic words which changed the perception of the difficult transition I'm going through in my marriage relationship.

Thank you, Louise!


Bangalore, India

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