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Create Your Day
Customized Script

Learn How To "Create Your Day" - Simple Yet Powerful Script to help you receive the best ...

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Toxic Relationships

Break free from toxic relationships using this custom script.

$37.00 USD

Customized Script

Relationship custom audio script includes a 40-minute phone or Skype session.

$67.00 USD

Are You In A Toxic Relationship?

Take The Test To Find Out For Sure

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About Louise Grogan

Louise is a gifted speaker who engages with her audience in a very dynamic and down-to-earth way. By listening to her words you absorb her zest for life, and feel inspired to take action in transforming your own life.Louise began her teaching experience while training for three years on a competitive level with the Canadian Women Weightlifting Team, and for an additional three years as a competitive bodybuilder. Read the full story here ...

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