Kurt Cobain – Knowledge Is Power
First off, I'm not writing this article as a fan of Nirvana or Kurt Cobain.  In all honesty, I've never[...]
Leave The Past Behind True or False?
When we "leave our past behind" and what's made of, its shadow will rear its ugly head in places — uninvited!  Really?[...]
Teen Female Inmates | Victim of a Genetic Makeup?
Ask any teen female inmates, and they’ll tell you that their genes is responsible for their rebellious emotional reactions. It[...]

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Louise is a gifted speaker who engages with her audience in a very dynamic and down-to-earth way. By listening to her words you absorb her zest for life, and feel inspired to take action in transforming your own life.Louise began her teaching experience while training for three years on a competitive level with the Canadian Women Weightlifting Team, and for an additional three years as a competitive bodybuilder. Read the full story here ...

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