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When I left the survival environment where I lived and grew up for 20 years, I thought I was free.[...]

Meet Louise.  Have Fun.  Grow And Glow! 

Louise is a gifted no nonsense, "Tap Into Your Power And Run With It."  She is objective, down-to-earth, and witty!   Get a taste form an input from Louise.

"Truth be told, there's no one to blame other than incompatibility.  The moment I finally understood that, I quit over worrying about the other person, quit feeling guilty, and I was reassured it would be fine for both sides.  I was able to finally let go !  When everything is said and done, we're all blessed by God and special Angels!  ~LouiseGrogan

Louise will captivate you with her zest for life. She will bring the peace, the joy back in you, inspire you to take action while feeling energized from it. 

Louise brings more than 30 years of solid hands-on expertise on your table in the area of Toxic People And Relationships.  She is often refer to as "The Expert Implementer." Nothing ever falls between two chairs with Louise. She is a dedicated listener, and efficient.  What is said to Louise, stays with Louise.  She is reliable, committed, and sincerely care about her people.

"I feel honored and blessed from the opportunities I have sharing information with my "Loving Girlees, " as I like to referred to them, sharing to receptive seekers wanting to understand the "dynamic dance" of toxic people in all it's ways, shapes, and forms.  It's really not that complex, but if we don't see what's at play, we get trapped in the web for a long time."    Read the full story here ...

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