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I Literally Scripted My Way Out!

Within 55 Days...

I was guided as to the style of language on the opening and the closure.  I was guided on to word the syntax, how to read it, rehearse it, and the inflection.  The information was coming in so fast. I was at a crossroad at 49 feeling anxious and afraid of the unknown. Quite frankly, I had nothing left to lose. So, I gave it a go.


  • I created 12 scripts over a period of 55 days.

  • Within this period of 55 days, all 12 scripts manifested the desired outcome.

  • I was totally released from a significant financial obligation someone was trying to lay on me.

  • One script manifested $17,000 cash in my hand free and clear. Yes, just like that!

  • It progressively and quite rapidly increased my feeling of security and financial independence.

  • My Faith in God tremendously increased and strengthened!  I was being heard and replied to!

  • As to an extraordinary relationship with a Mr. Wonderful?  I scripted that too. It manifested within 30 days!  After more than 10 years, I am happily married and finally, feel fulfillment in my life. 

  • I quickly became debt-free, financially stable, and living beyond what I thought was possible.  I live a fantastic life and it continues that way today. 


I learned there's no secret to what happened. No magic wands required! It's simply the Observer Effect of Quantum Physics at its best; the law of cause and effect in action. All it takes is a pen & paper, a typewriter, or a computer to line-up the steps I will guide you towards.

Did you know that the words we speak and repeat with intensity, focus, and strong emotions matter?  What we focus on with emotion comes back to us in a manifested experience we can see, feel, touch, and interact with. Words matter.

And what does Scripting use?  Words. 

"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.." - John 1:14 KJV

Here's my best analogy...

Think of your best actor rehearsing his script to bring into life the main character in a 20th Century Fox Movie.  He completely steps into character.  He becomes the character and we believe they are the character they play. After scripting and practicing twelve scripts --one script for each step-- I walked out of a self-sabotaging toxic marriage and lifestyle, each step of the way, peacefully and uneventfully. I ditched the "ex," became debt-free, financially independent, and built a brand-new life I would never have thought possible for myself.  I wanted to explore how far Scripting could take me.

I scripted my best life-partner for the long run. A life-companion that is my best friend with great conversation, a team-player partner on equal footing, with a witty sense of humor, go-getter, energetic, financially solid and professionally achieved and accomplished. Once you get a hold of your value, you will no longer choose the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th best.  Your whole body will vibrate at the frequency of what you know and feel to be true, of the clarity of what you want. You will have learned to be patient.  

We've been married for 10+ years. The true GREEN FLAGS I noticed while we were dating for a year have not changed, and he has none of what I have listed on my "No Tolerance" list.  

This wonderful man -- my Mr. Wonderful -- entered my life 30 days after I wrote my Script.  SCRIPTING is real. It's not some new-age fantasy. Crafted with the right technique makes it a powerful tool in manifesting the best outcome. 

If you're in a spot where you feel like there's no way out of the situation you are in, then Scripting is there and ready for you, and it's FREE.  Imagine, a FREE tool that will set you FREE.

The Art of Scripting is a manifesting tool of infinite possibilities!  I know this first-hand from tangible outcomes that I experienced, saw, felt, and touched. I crafted twelve Scripts within 55 days and they all manifested the outcome.

We are natural creators. Let's make this work for us.

I am EAGER to guide you into manifesting your meaningful and empowering life experience where your peaceful mind will be put at rest.

"The Gold We Seek Is Hidden In The Dark."

~Debbie Ford

From Impasse To Freedom        
this is how I landed here...
From Impasse To Freedom        
this is how I landed here...

Trish Jones, U.K.

When I first heard her talking about stepping into the Script just like an actor practicing his role for a movie I've been using the same custom Script Louise created for me to manifest some big things many people would never have the faith to believe for. ,it blew my mind.It's taught me to pray like I already have it in my hand!


Thank you, Louise!

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