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  • How can we finally let go?
    Once knowledge and understanding sink in it will guide you in addressing this situation with a clear mind. Once inner wisdom is awakened, unlike the mind, it never contradicts or sabotages itself. It's very essence is creating joy, life, and harmonic wealth! A toxic relationship is simply the cause of a lack and misunderstanding of our value. Once you own your value and believe it, your body languate will express it not settle for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th best in your life.
  • Why is it so difficult to cut someone out of our life?
    People feeling trapped in a toxic relationship are good people. They’re kind and generous with their time. Placing a price on our value, getting clear with what will no longer be tolerated, and setting our boundaries will set the tone on who you will have in your close relationships. That goes for family members as well. There is no doubt in my mind that the programs I offer will enhance your awareness and lead you in the right direction. However, it is your responsibility to make that decision, roll up your sleeves, jump a few hurdles, and stand on your rock.
  • Is it true what people say that I would get to know all that as I would get older?
    As if all people do? No, and certainly not to the depth we go into it. And, besides, are you willing to wait? Nonsense. You'll never hear someone say, "I'll keep suffering because as I will get older I will understand and gain wisdom. Notice, that in large number, you will hear this from people who are suspicious about this information, think they know it all, and have been under that fire. Pay attenion they can make you feel stupid and uncomfortable when you share it. RED FLAG. P.S. "Open Minded People" to be placed on your "My Keeper List"
  • How will know the relationship is toxic?
    When you will understand, believe, and embody your value, you will master this and learn to trust your gut feeling and make your move to let go. Once you have the three keys -understanding, belief, and embody" in hand you'll see it quickly and will not be negotiable. Doesn't this make me judgmental and without compassion? No. Remember, you're a good person willing to listen, but now you know your value and your have learned how to set your boundaries and be okay with it.

Let Go of Toxic People and Relationships

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