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Let Go of Toxic People And Relationships!

Expertise Continued...

Louise invested countless hours learning and implementing rock-solid and life-transforming principles and practices with tremendous results, even though she was in the midst of chaotic environments, unstable living situations, and drama.

Today, as the founder of Transform Your Life By Design, she is totally committed to helping women find the optimal balance in their lives.

Louise began teaching while competing for three years on the Canadian Women's Weightlifting Team.

She also taught for another three years as a competitive bodybuilder.

Louise owned and developed a highly successful fitness club for ten years, growing its membership from 15 to nearly 2,300 active members. 

She is a certified Kripalu Yoga and Meditation teacher and brings breathing techniques into her teaching.

Her quality-of-life and beliefs have transformed dramatically. As a result, she has successfully worked with a wide variety of clients as a personal coach and life transformation consultant.

"A heartfelt thank-you to the amazing life-transforming teachers whose principles, beliefs and philosophies have contributed so much to the synthesis of my ongoing transformation.

To God for the unconditional love and inspiration, and to my wonderful husband and friend David, whose precious support and understanding have made Transform Your Life Be Design possible."

Louise's Words of Appreciation
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