What Makes This Program "BOOT.CAMP?"
In Boot.Camp Style we talk about the real issue, bust the myths, and get to work.   

No useless blame, no analysis-paralysis, no sugar coating.  
The number one reason we put-up with toxic relationship is a lack of KEY knowledge and understanding.
Slamming the door, hanging-up the phone, ignoring the call/text leaves you bitter and resentful.​

What's In These Webinars For You?

  • A new understanding and "Aha" moments about this very common situation  . 
  •  Wishing you had heard that information a long time ago!
  • Feeling a genuine heartfelt compassion and forgiveness for the other person.
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    Your mind at peace!
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    Understanding why hanging-up the phone, blame-storming, or buying peace with our silence is futile.  
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     BONUS - FREE VIDEO "Discover Understand The Power Behind Creating A "No-Tolerance List"
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    FREE - Two life video replays emailed to you if you're unable to attend.
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    FREE Report "The Truth Behind Using Affirmations vs Scripting Your Outcome.
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    Discover the personal values you bring on the table of any relationships. 
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     Your questions answered in our Q&A or email to me within the next 10 minutes after each webinars.

SNEAK PEEK  into my own Toxic Relationships

  • 1
    Let's see... a five-year friendship where I had no boundaries, would drop everything down if she called me or wanted to see me the next day or sooner. 
  • 2
    I didn't know how to say "No," , feel comfortable about it, and respected.
  • 3
    I didn't know what the word "boundary" meant and even less of to implement it with diplomacy.
  • 4
    The thought of breaking the relationship would make me feel guilty and like a heartless person.  Of course, all that time I was enabling the situation...
  • 5
    Anyone pointing their finger to me that my relationship was toxic would make me defensive.
  • 6
    The only way-out of a toxic relationship I could think of was not to call back following one of these aggressive arguments.  I could never get myself to stop these relationships because I had no knowledge and understanding of what this dynamic was, and the approach that would set me free of these terrible dynamics.

Several years ago, I was working in an law firm at the time.  A partner I was having a chat with said to me "Louise, you're way too good for your sake!"  

My first reaction?  I switched to defensive mode right away.  I felt that his perception of me was that I could let anybody walk on me like a carpet.  No way, not anybody... only those I could not see the red flags and let them come into my life...  

Yes. He was darn right about one thing, I was "too good" of my sake.

Let's see... Yes.  All this lack of information and how to implement it led to an eight-years toxic and discombobulated marriage, five years with a friend of mine, three years with another friend, and many years with my family.  And sometimes, they would happen in my life all at the same time.

These type of relationships are ambiguous for people experiencing them.  It's not a cookie-cutter situation. By the time we wake-up to it, two, three or more years have bone by.

Enter your text here...

Your Time Is Way Too Precious To Be Wasted.

By the time we realize the relationship is toxic, two to five years have gone by.

People entangled in a toxic relationship are kind, generous with their time, and want to be there for people.

Still With Me? If you are then you're still reading this, it stroke a chord, it's speaking to you, and you're ready for a fresh look at this. 

A Toxic Relationship invisibly destroys us. 

Everyone sees it . . . BUT US!

Isn't that the truth !

WHAT Are The Cost of Ignoring This?  

The truth is that unfortunately, what we resist persist. ​Not only will it persist, but it will not get better either.

How many times have you said to yourself "This is it, I am done!"  Too many times to count.

How many negative conversations were left on a bad note?    

And who was left to deal with the resentment, the anger, feeling bad, and second-guessing?  YOU. 


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A Three-Video Series

"Stop The Game of These Terrible Relationships!"

"Break Free From Toxic Relationships"

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  • bullet 2 - you will gain validation without the guilt
  • bullet 3 - another reason this course is the best
  • bullet 4 - why this program is better than all the others out there

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Meet and greet FREE video 1

Let's Meet And Greet. With a topic as sensitive and delicate as this you want to meet your host, get a short intro, and a feel of what you purchased! You won't leave empty handed, I got your back covered! 


my live webinar #1

We Build The Momentum.  On your mark...Time to get bluntly honest with ourselves. The more genuine you answer the worksheets the more you'll get out of this program. Time to get rid of the goo, clean the slate, and get clear about this!

We Build The Momentum.  On your mark...Time to get bluntly honest with ourselves. The more genuine you answer the worksheets the more you'll get out of this program. Time to get rid of the goo, clean the slate, and get clear about this!


my live webinar #2

About the live webinar


The Power Of Scripting Your Way out

Let's Compare Notes. In this unique genre of Q&A , not only will you find in-sights, but VALIDATION which transforms us the most. This feeling of "I knew it!" after hearing a similar experience will ignite you and to take action, and solve it with a clear conscience!

Now Is The When!

The Best Investment In Yourself You Ever Made!

Don't be Left Behind
Get This Webinar Series Today!

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Let Go of Toxic Relationships!

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Let Go of Toxic Relationships


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Lorraine L

"Louise knows how to create a "safe space" to talk to her.  I kept having relationships with guys that were never available emotionally in a way or another.  I was always second-guessing and hoping. She guided on how to recognize "red flags" without second guessing.    Thank you, Louise!"


Shine V

"I found a good listener, someone who understood without judging me. I let my guard down and open up.  I left a relationship that was pulling me down. I discovered my boundaries.  The "red flags" information opened my eyes. I had heard about them, but had no idea how to see them."   


Lucie B

Louise knows how to create a "safe space" to talk to her.  I let my guard down and open up. I felt validated in what I felt, but could not quite see it.  I finally let go of this a relationship that was pulling me down. I discovered my boundaries and learn how to recognize the "red flags." 


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