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At a cross-road? I get that.  Wondering where to turn? I get that too.  How about this feeling of confusion, of disappointment, frustration?  I know where you're coming from.

This situation can be taken care of without guilt, drama, or regrets... trust me on this one.  

CLICK the button below, and we'll get to the bottom of whatever "it" may be. Take my word for it !

Here's what I can share with you right away. There's nothing like an objective input, like "another pair of eyes" from someone who is not connected to anyone you know or the situation you're experiencing.

The beauty of objectivity is that nobody will blame you, no judgment, and will not be about taking one side or the other. 

I know jumping into the unknown is scary.

Yes. Like you, I succeeded in many "places", failed on others, got things right, and some pretty dumb wrong. I get it. I, like you I also got spot on and dead wrong.  

Rising and learning from our challenges are the reward.  However, the reality is that sometimes we forget the learning, because the same emotionally draining situation will come back disguised under a different environment, person, or name, and then, we're in the same situation again.


The key to complete freedom is to catch this emotional blueprint at work and uproot it.

"It doesn't matter what your situation is, what the circumstances are, it's all the same trigger."  

Once you "get that," it's will be like a domino effect, the other situations, if so there are, will fall into place.  

Come and meet your AH-HA moment!

Bring this emotional enslaving "blueprint" under the light of your consciousness once and for all.  

How about that for a good news!

Sounds simple?  Too simple to work?  I know.  I also thought it was weird!  I was dead wrong!

What Others Say


Louise is so easy to talk to.  I rapidly left my guard down.  She is one of us. I shared my situation.  Got out of a crazy addictive relationships without drama and without feeling bad about it. Thank you, Louise! I get it now.

VilMarie Vegal 

/California, USA


Louise came in my life at the right time!  The map we laid out together worked wonders for me. I have a wonderful relationship now with a fantastic partner, and I changed my point of view on many aspects.  I know now, I'm worth the best! 

Lorraine L.
/ Montreal, Canada


A few words about an experience with Louise.  Loyal, discrete, great listener, funny like hell, truly cares for people.   I was so blind to all the red flags in my relationships.  I just didn't want to be alone.  I know what my value is now.

Nancy M.
Greensboro, NC

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