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Article: Are We Victim of Our Genetic Makeup? A Myth!

How many times have we blamed bad genes for rebellious and lazy teens, or accomplished troublemakers pressing all your buttons? The answer is: too many times. As it stands, too many people are still using the "bad genes" excuse, par excellence, to justify their bad behavior, laziness, or attitude. 

Remember the Human Genome Project in the 90's which mapped our genes from a physical and functional standpoint? The part where they talk about our life being determined by our genes, feel free to give this a big pitch, et voilà!

Quick Question

Have you ever come across a piece of information that changed your life, in such a way, as to turn it around 90 degrees?  I  have.

The impact was such; I was back to the "drawing board" of my life, redefining old conditioned beliefs and perceptions, that could have held me back from expressing my full potential. Fear of the unknown will do that to you too.

Is Our Fate Determined By Our Genes or the Environment?

The cat is finally out of the bag. Actually, the cat it's been out for a long time...1984.

Genes never had anything to do with pre-determining our behavior or our life. In his article, The Wisdom of Your Cells, Dr. Bruce Lipton, internationally recognized leader in cellular biology explains in laymen's terms the process of how he made this discovery. Dr. Lipton's research showed that less than 5% of the population will be born with a gene defect, whilst 95% will be born with perfect DNA.

I have followed and studied Dr. Lipton's work from the day I read his article. I had, more than once, been concerned with the gene inheritance. My behavior, my choices, and my fate were not at the mercy of some double-helix. I had control over my life.

A Life Changer!

This information opens the door to an array of possibilities and opportunities. That, my friends, is a significant life changer for many people interested in this topic. It brings hope to our female teens and young female adults who grew up by the side of conscious irresponsible parents, and surrounded by a challenging landscapes.

Each and every cell of our body receives its respective information from the perceptions and beliefs we create from the environment we live in. Our health, behavior, and quality of life are controlled by cells receiving its information from the environment. What is the role of our DNA or its copy RNA? Think of it as a replacing part store. Remember, less than 5% of the population is born with a genetic defect, and 95% have perfect genes.

I almost forgot the most important part! You Are a Community of 50 Trillion Living Cells. From head to toe each human being is a community of  50 Trillion cells.

The truth is ... that our beliefs and perceptions of our environment are responsible for the health of our cells and our behavior.

"The belief and perception of the environment control your biology." ~ Dr. Bruce Lipton

The Truth Will Set Your Free

I was this female teen surrounded by a conscious irresponsible mother. We all live like room mates in there. Abandoned, neglected, not rejected, but border line to it. My instincts were my barometer to go through life day in and day out. No mentor, no one I could look up to. I had a key to go our apartment, eat what was available, change my clothes, do homework, and sleep (but sometimes not even that).

At the time, I was seriously wondering about this "you have my genes" my mother would so proudly say to me. That didn't sit too well with me! I thought that my future life would mirror how I was living it now in the style of environment I was surrounded by. She would say it often. Well, thanks for the warning!

My life took a 90% turn after reading Dr. Lipton's information. I believed him, and that caused something inside of me to shift. Imagine what it did to me, and what it could do to people in a state of receptivity.

The Importance For The Future of Our Youth

It is important to make this information accessible to troubled teens and young adults female, whose upbringing was next to irresponsible foster or biological parent(s) .
For people who still believe they have no chance for success in life, and are doomed to end up like their parents because they have their parents "bad genes." Quite frankly, are we going to wait for science with a double blind "bullet proof" study before we wake up and start redefining our life, becoming an asset for us, and for others?
Yes, it may be impossible to physically removed teenagers and young adult female from a toxic environment. In this case, why not providing them with information that will make them feel that yes, they do matter, and they can make a difference in people's life.

What's Coming Next?

Next week, I will write about an experience I had while I was interviewed in a city jail to teach one of my programs to teen and young adult female inmates. I will also share about my copywriter/editor who just turned 17 and living with her foster parents.

I leave you with a reminder for all of us...

It is our beliefs and perceptions of the environment that is responsible for our biology, for our health and behavior. It is the environment that affects our cells and not our genes affecting the environment. Each one of us is a community of 50 Trillions cells.

For our longevity in body, mind, and spirit, it's worth giving this information serious thoughts.