It is a true honor to introduce you to the leading elite life-transforming teachers whose work and seminars made a significant difference in my life in a way that I still can touch, feel, and benefit from it. I highly recommend the books below, they will assist you in your journey and prove to be of great support! 

The Biology of Belief results of Dr. Lipton's findings is a revelation and a relief for those of us who were self-raised from growing up next to an irresponsible parent(s) or left under the care of foster home irresponsible people. We are not and never were victim of the genes of our biological irresponsible parents.  We all were under the influence of their own conditioning shaping our perceptions and behavior.  

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD is an internally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. He was a professor of stem cellular biology at the Department of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin's School of Medicine.

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The Dark Side of The Light Chasers; Reclaiming Your Power, Your Creativity, Your Brilliance, and Dreams

Ford's teachings are for serious seeker ready to look at the faint of heart. She communicates in a layman's language the nature of the shadow, its behavior , and how its Light will transform our life leaving us feeling whole and serene. "When we own our dark side, it holds the promise of a better and more fulfilling life" -Debbie Ford

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The Life Visioning Process

A powerful and pivotal tool to incorporate into one's life. It goes much deeper than the simple principles of manifestation and attraction. It takes it further. Michael Beckwith's eloquent instruction will take your consciousness to levels you have never explored before.

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Your Immortal Brain: Mastering the Art of Observation

Dr. Joe Dispenza, internationally recognized author, lecturer, and neuroscientist, is an expert in the biology of change and the art of observation. Dr. Dispenza. You are right. Thoughts do matter, the application of new knowledge becomes essential for creating empowering experiences.

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Wealth Beyond Reason

Have you heard these before? Sounds familiar? "Money doesn't grow on trees", "What do I look like, the Bank of Rockefeller?", and my my favorite, "When you are born for a small lot in life, you not born for a big one." Bob Doyle, author and expert in clarifying in a simple language the true nature of money. Having himself struggled with money in its lack and management even while he was teaching about this topic, I have yet to hear someone who teaches on this sensitive topic with such simplicity, clarity, and good sense, truth, and transformation. Like many of you, the generation of my parents had deep-rooted negative beliefs and opinions about money.

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