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I've been using the same custom Script Louise created for me in 2017 to manifest some big things many people would never have the faith to believe for. When I first heard her talking about stepping into the Script just like an actor practicing his role for a movie, it blew my mind.  It's taught me to pray like I already have it in my hand !  Thank you, Louise!

About Louise Grogan

Louise is a gifted speaker and teacher who engages in a dynamic and down-to-heart way with people.

She will captivate you with her zest for life, wit, and inspire you to take action and shape a new life.  Your new life. Louise brings more than 30 years of solid hands-on expertise in her specialty on the table.  Her knowledge on how to implement tools is impaired.  She is referred to as "The Pro Implementer."  Read the full story here ...