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THE STIGMA "You'll End Up Just Like Your Mother. You Have Her Genes." True or False?

Do You Believe Genes Have That Sort of Influence on Behavior?

The Blame Game

  1. How many times have we been labeled as victims of our biological parents because of rebellious behaviors, attitude, or confrontations?

  2. How many times have we been unwittingly stigmatized and left feeling angry and resentful believing this to be true?

Too many times and we still hear it...

As it stands, too many people are still using bad genes as an excuse to justify either their out-of-control behavior or the ones of others around them. "What can I do, I have my mother’s genes." And they believe this to be true.

This sort of conditioning leads to a conviction that our future, talents, abilities are already predetermined. Once deeply rooted, this self-sabotaging belief will take some work and time to uproot it.

The conviction I had that my biological mother's genes had created a blueprint of my attitude, behaviors, and my future quality of life stayed in my mind for a long time.

In his book, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, internationally recognized stem cell biologist and best-selling author of The Biology of Belief tells us that "Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environment signals."

Hop Inside My Time Machine .. Let's Travel Back to 1990 - "The Human Genome Project."

A Short Summary in Non-Scientific Language.

In the 90s, while discotheques were booming, the science community believed they had finally found a way to decode human DNA. They believed they had broken the code genetic makeup. So they thought.

It was believed that certain genes in our DNA could be connected to certain emotions, behaviors, or attitudes.

In other words, our genetic makeup could determine the potential or limitation of our abilities to attain a high level of success in our life!

The Main Role of Genes/DNA Is To Replace Broken Protein In Our Body. ~Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief.

He're a simple metaphor that will make it easier to wrap your mind around this.

Think of your body, this community of cells; think of it as a your car needing a broken part to be replaced.

This broken part will be replaced by a brand-new identical part by your DNA (genes). I am skipping the RNA (exact copy of your DNA) part of this process not to confuse people and make it more complicated to understand. DNA replaces broken protein cells. It has nothing to do with beliefs, behaviors, attitude, or quality of life, with the exception of the 5% of people born with a chromosome defect.

The body loses 96 million cells per minute that are replaced in the same breath with 96 million brand new ones!

The number of cells that an adult male loses per minute is roughly 96 million. Fortunately, in that same minute, about 96 million cells divided, replacing those that died. Just as you shed dead skin cells, dead cells from internal organs pass through and out of the body with waste products.

and this is why... not to repeat myself, but...

The Main Role of Genes/DNA Is To Replace Broken Protein In Our Body. ~Bruce Lipton

The point is that the genetic makeup of our biological parent has never predetermined redetermine the quality of life or our future. It's an old myth. Nobody has been dealt bad genes.

Have you ever come across a piece of information that changed your life?

I had this experience.

After a thoroughly studied the work of Dr. Lipton, any concern, questioning reading and study of Dr. Lipton's material any concerns, fears, or questions went away.

My basic understanding of cellular biology helped me make sense of his information. The dots connected and I believed him.

I understood that my life had not been dealt a bad hand of card because of my biological parents genes. In my case, it was the influence of a dysfunctional and toxic environment mixed in with superstitions, lies, manipulations, mistrust, etc...

Is The Fate of Our Life, Our Future At the Mercy of Our DNA?

No matter how irrational, dysfunctional, or out-of-wack our environments or people were around us, nothing is predetermined. We write our own story. We create our own environment every day. We are expert creators and manifestors.

When everything has been said and done...

The way we think, our beliefs, behaviors, or quality of life are not and were never a function of our genes.

We can't change people. With solid knowledge and understanding, you can break the cycle of your own toxic environment of toxic self-appointed "friends."

This life is yours. The choices you make are yours as well as their consequences. Here's a few suggestions

• Make a list of your personality traits, or values (kind, generous with your time, reliable, resourceful, etc).

• Educate yourself with empowering books like "The Biology of Belief".

• Stay away from people or environments that drains you.

• Once you get a grip on your value, you will do the right thing the right way

• Lighten up while implementing this. This is not a race, but needs to be addressed.

To your Health, Strength, and Power,

LouiseGrogan Toxic Relationship Strategist

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