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Teen Female Inmates | Victim of a Genetic Makeup?

Ask any teen female inmate why she's in jail and chances are she'll say it's because of her genes. She'll say she inherited her behavior -- and that genetics landed her behind bars. The sun is rising on the day to plant the seed of truth in their minds and provide them with a knowledge that could trigger a breakthrough in their prison of beliefs.


If You Were Given Five Minutes...

If you had five minutes to speak to a group of female teen inmates and share something that could change their perception and lives, what would you share with them?

What is the main thing that could open their awareness or stimulate their curiosity? What is the one thing that changes our perception and life?

Our teen female inmates will benefit from understanding that their genes have no influence whatsoever on their behavior, personality traits, or quality of life.

Now is the time to get them up-to-speed with the latest scientific findings on the biology of belief. It's time to expose them to this information in language they can relate to and let them make their own decisions.

Knowledge changes perceptions, personal views, and opinions. Knowledge changes and transforms lives.

These girls are convinced that their chances of living a fulfilling life, a "normal" life with its "normal" ups and downs where they can feel safe, are slim to none. They believe their hopes are doomed because of their genes.

If you ask them, "Do you believe the genes of your biological parents are responsible for where you are in your life?" they will answer, "That's right" and will argue their point. Their answer is understandable. Their environment is sending them strong enough messages for them to believe it to be true.

This Fear of Genes. Growing Up in City Streets.

"Everything you want is on the other side of FEAR" ~Jack Canfield

Teen female inmates and any young female who grew up in a "city street” environment infested with crime, drugs, and guns will blame their genes for their defiant attitudes, negative perceptions, and compulsive reactions. They’ll say, “It runs in my family.”

In an interview with Evelyn Einhaeuser in Synergies In Healing Journal, Dr. Bruce Lipton, internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit, stem cell biologist, and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, clarifies, "It is not the genes, it is the environment that controls the genes. The new Epigenetics story makes you a master, because it says you can change everything.

Only 1 percent of illness is actually really related to genes. 99 percent comes from lifestyle. And that becomes very critical because we kept blaming all of our health issues on a body that breaks down when in fact the health issues are not the body's fault. They are the mind’s fault."

The 1% of illness Dr. Bruce Lipton is referring to impacts people affected by common genetic disorders of the likes of Down syndrome, color blindness, autism, cystic fibrosis, or albino genetics disorder.

Our teen inmates' state of mind is held captive in a tower of fear, anger and brewing feelings of defeat, with their minds far away from aspiring to a higher quality of life. I call this state of mind the "Hypnotic Conditioning Syndrome." The toxic environments these ladies are immersed in aggravate and give a louder voice to out-of-control and self-destructive actions and behaviors.

Growing up in similar environments, we are served our daily portion of good, bad, and ugly. I must have had angels watching over me, because I never landed in jail.

Their Reality In One Minute...

Their Reality in One Minute...

The Common Belief Teen Inmates Are Less Smart

In this day and age of high-speed internet access to information, I can understand why many people would think this information is at the tip of their fingers and it's just up to them to find or stumble into it.

Indeed. However, to access it, they first have to know this information exists.

Our female teen inmates crave this information. When explained in layman terms, and taught in a language they can understand, it stimulates their curiosity and makes them want to hear more about it. Our female teen inmates are more than capable of understanding the impact of their explosive temper and anger at a cellular level than we give them credit for.

Exposure to new knowledge can plant a seed in their mind that would change their mind and their life. They are underestimated on that level.

The tendency would be to discount their sharp sense to intuit, their resourcefulness, fighting survival skills, and ability to figure things out, just to name a few. Yes, and they’re strong-minded too. These skills were forged in the heat of fire and enhanced under survival conditions. They served them well in many instances.

"With knowledge comes awareness, with awareness comes a choice; an aware choice."

The Five-Minute Message

If I were given these five minutes, this is the piece of information — from my perspective — I would choose to give them first:

"The genes of their biological parents have absolutely no impact or influence their behavior, the choices they make, or the life they live. It never had. The type of environment they are surrounded by and their understanding of it will pull the strings of their life, just like a puppet. With knowledge and understanding of it, their mindset can be transformed, no matter how desolate this environment looks or feels to them. This too will change."

The power to trigger a change in their perception rests in their understanding of the "why and how" their genetic makeup has no power in determining their destiny.

From my teen years up to my late 20s, I was often reminded of my "bad" genes and told that nothing would ever come out of my life. Inspiring, isn't it? I believed it and was silently concerned about it.

Reminder for my readers: I have never been in jail or incarcerated in a prison. I grew up in the midst of an infested criminal neighborhood where drugs and guns were common, and murder was committed more often than not.

Pushers were living on every street. My neighborhood was the territory of notorious and dangerous Harley-Davidson biker gangs who meant business. Fights and murder for drug territory were mainstream. There I was, in the ‘70s, hanging out with these people three years in my teens.

However, gaining knowledge and implementing tools and practices shifted my beliefs and created a quality life that I had never thought was possible—tangible and palpable results that I could see, feel, and experience. As my perceptions changed, my environment changed with them.

Three Prisons - One Body

A few pointers to share with you before closing on my article. If we stop to think about it, our teenage female inmates live in three prisons.

The prison of their mind where their beliefs, opinions, and perceptions rule and dictate; The prison where they serve time, making them feel confined and separated from a valuable and essential structured lifestyle, which over time, they get to appreciate; and

The prison of their former environment to which they will return (family, "hood," school, and friends), believing this is where they belong because this is who they are.

How Can We Address This?

It's not enough to repeat to them over and over, "Your parents, biological or not, did the best they could.” It was never satisfying for me. It was not enough, there had to be more. There had to be a reason and I was going to get to it. It took 45 years, but I get it now.

The first step is to provide them with knowledge that has a strong potential to change their thinking and perception. With knowledge comes awareness.

Explain to them the difference between an aware choice and one made out of ignorance. Tell them that the choice is theirs. Nothing will change for our "bitter and sweet teen inmates" if they end up doing what they want! That's what they do best!

Again, with knowledge comes awareness and with awareness comes the potential to choose better, feel better ,and begin the process of forgiveness--real heartfelt forgiveness for ourselves and people who hurt us emotionally the most. Forgiveness felt in the heart brings closure.


t's time for a program to be put in place that will teach and expose these girls to the impact the chemistry of negative and positive thoughts has on their mind and body, the power of affirmative prayers, and the truth about the body’s biology of perception and change.

It’s time to start them on a journey of heart forgiveness for themselves and their families.

I invite you to watch the video above--see how you feel about it--then read this article again, and share your thoughts with me.

"Knowledge is power and self-knowledge is more power for the self."

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