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A 5-Step Technique | Start Building Your Relationship With Anger.

Can Anger Become Our Best Ally?

The short answer is yes.

Anger is fiery energy and is one of the most frequently triggered. We can feel the energy of someone’s anger. However, the energy of anger can be used as an asset to give us the push we need to take action towards reaching our goals.

However, when anger is running wild with impatience, fiery temper, temper tantrums, passive-aggressive behavior, or the classic “It’s just the way I am” excuse, there is a price to pay and our body will be the one impacted.

Whether conscious or subconscious the first relationship to be affected will be with ourselves. Overtime, this impact will be costly.

Here's a link to an article that explain in words we can understand about the chemistry released into our bloodstream from holding a grudge, feeling resentful and frustrated? The Chemistry of Anger.

I’m not referring to the occasional confrontation where your voice can get a few octaves too loud. I’m referring to a repetitive cycle of bursts of anger that will drain and impact whoever is at the receiving end.

A Tad of Biology 101

Anger and stress go hand-in-hand. Again, anger whether conscious or unconscious is a signal to the brain that there is an emergency somewhere. The brain doesn’t care about the crisis we experience, who is involved, or who is responsible. It’s a chemistry reaction. If we don’t keep our anger in check some of the hormones released are immune system depressors, and all this chemistry affects each of our cells! We don't want that...

Here's something very interesting...

Our body is a community of 37.2 trillion cells. When you look at your whole self in a long mirror, what you see is 37.2 trillion cells; every little inch from us is a cell as you can see on the picture on the left.

The energy of anger, stress, and resentment stored in our body from the chatter in our head causes inflammation. Think of inflammation (in-flames, heat, fire).

We all believe we're feeding our stomach when we eat our food. The reality is that we are feeding our cells. The awareness of that can change a perspective on the importance of what we put in our mouth and what comes out of it too.

We can learn how to sit with your anger and make it an asset that will partner with us.

Whether it is anger, resentment, judgment, or impatience; the quote from Debbie Ford creator of The Shadow Work who lost a battle with cancer in 2013 makes it pretty clear. Your choice. Misery or serenity?

THE 5 Step-Process

  1. Visualize in your mind or search on Google for an image of a animal that will speak to the energy you feel when you’re angry. Also get the image of the same animal resting calm, relaxed, and happy. You can give it a name if the inspiration comes to you. Note: Animal imagery is my tool of choice for this process. One the one hand the image of an animal will not remind you of someone else. On the other hand we all love pets, so it works perfectly for this type of inner transformation process.

  2. Finding the images is the place in the process where the first contact will be made. Allow this first contact to be objective with emotional detachment. This step is the most important one of the five steps. Images and colors speak to us in many ways. They open the doors of our subconscious. This process is about nurturing a relationship and works wonders for people interested in exploring and get a better understanding of this energy. Images have a subliminal effect. Think of advertisements. They speak to us through images all the time. Remember your experience at the planetarium or Imax theater?

  3. Once you find your images, simply know that what is looking back at you is a presence that has never been acknowledged even less nurtured and wants contact with you as well. Nothing to panic about, what we're looking for is always looking for us.

  4. Have no expectations. Simply flow with it. Get out of your head that will want to analyze it, explain it, justify it, ask questions, and especially fix it and control it. If your mind has something to say, because it will, take control of the contact and begin with acknowledging its presence, give it recognition, share the gratitude for protecting you all these years, and express your interest in wanting to hear with it has to say and are available.

Save the images on your desktop or print them, do what works best for you. Allow an inner energetic relationship to unfold progressively. You can go back to your images anytime you intuitively feel like connecting. Listen from your heart do not analyze it with your intellect. You will be surprised by the amazing things you can and will learn if you intuitively “engage” with love and emotional detachment.

Remember, there is a teacher in each one of us!

LouiseGrogan Toxic Relationship Strategist

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