Understand and Break The Cycle of

toxic people and relationships!

"I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings."

Resentful and drained from all the negative conversations and feelings

that replays in your head for days?


Zero-Tolerance List Explained

Week One

Week Two

Reconnect To The Value You Bring To Your Relationships

Week Three

These Red Flags We Ignore

or Don't See.

Week Four

Bring Your Questions

And Comments!

Solutions and tools that will allow you to peacefully let go of toxic people and create empowering relationships.

An "Iron-Clad" Red Flag List!

Discover the priceless value you bring to the table of any relationship.

Your questions answered in our Q&A session of each webinar.

Links to video replays of the webinars emailed to FREE you if you're unable to attend the events- FREE REPORT "The Three Main Types of Friends."  Be Aware of Who You Share Your Dreams With!)

Let's see... two five-year "friendship" where I was dropping everything to share time, listen, assist and often held captive

on the phone listening to their problems without any space to engage in the conversation. 

I had my share of silent treatment that I let go...

Red flags?  You could have slap me in the face with them, I wouldn't have seen them.

Family members?  That is a different kind of beast unto itself.


You... Will Get More of The Same.
Guess who is left behind feeling frustrated, and resentful for days or weeks? 
What we resist Persists.

Thank you!

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