From Impasse To Freedom

What happens when our life is held captive by a never ending replay of toxic relationships, inside an environment zapping the "very" life out of us?  What happens when drama makes the front-page of our daily lives? 

We are messing up our lives, "hypnotic sabotaging."  Does this ring any bells?  Rings my bells...

We swear to never get back into another draining relationship.  We know better now, don't we?  We can "read" the signs!  Well, regardless of our best intentions we do it again, and again, and again.  Why?

Our ingrained beliefs and our compulsive reactions become a reflection of the only way (but not necessarily the best way!) we know how to choose and interact. This is when repetitive patterns of behavior manifest themselves, impacting the outcome of our relationships.  

Good news!  Once you see it, admit it, and wonder how come you missed that , you're on your way to freedom.  It will lose its grip on you. 

I call it the "Hypnotic Conditioning Syndrome." ... I coined this!

                                      "Well Look At That!! ... A Flash From The Past?"

"Nasty Sense of Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu... eight years into my first marriage, I had an experience, a powerful experience.

In an instant, it literally felt as if windows in my mind flew open.  Just like that,  Then, although the realization was painful, everything became clear to me. Information as to how it happened, the dynamics of it, the illusion, the fog, the why's, how to break this cycle, and more.  This information was downloading in my mind so fast.  I could not process it all at once.

I was living a replay of the identical emotional bamboozie set-up scenes of a past far away behind me, so I thought. And that, even though people, location, and stage where it played were different.  I was seeing on the screen of my mind this marriage being a re-enactment of the unstable, unpredictable, not-to-be trusted environment including the same style of people in it.

Are you familiar with the expression "Like a deer caught in the headlights? 


So, in the light of having been "schooled educated and molded" at someone else's image
Who are we and where is our purpose?  
No wonder, a great majority of people are looking for their purpose! 

There is more than hope to overcome these chaotic relationship patterns.  There are solutions, way-outs, and for those who made up their mind, are determined, the outcome will be permanent.  No more. Knowledge and understanding are the keys to unlock the block. It's completely under your control to change that tune.  You are in no way, shape, or form doomed.

The environment we grew up in imprints "toxic patterns." They only knows one program to play and replay, and more often than not, it's not the right one. 

As our life unfolds you get a bitter taste of what sits at the driver's seat of the unhealthy life you experience.

Take my word, you can disengage from these patterns,
and you will, once you get the knowledge, understanding, you will be able to identify the red flags, and they will lose their influence... 

Over time, I completely broke this toxic cycle. The more knowledge I had, the more I learned, the more I applied.  The more my relationships were shifting. Has other toxic relationships presented themselves?  Of course, this is call "life."  The difference is that it had no power anymore.  I could see the flags and that was enough for me, trust me.

Now, How Did I Break The Cycle of My Toxic Relationships?


What If It Worked?  What Could I Lose... I Had Nothing.  What could I lose in giving it a shot?  Nothing. I started writing each scene of my way out in the form of a script. One event at a time.  With each script, the event would unfold.

I was guided on the language I needed to use to empower each segment of my script. I was shown how to work with them.  How to voice and practice each statement out loud, to focus on one segment (one event) at a time, and practice each one daily. Becoming it, like an Oscar nominee playing the script of his role.

Six months later, I wrote another script, personally sold my condo at 20% above market price, and made a $37,000 net profit. Pretty good for someone who was $25K in the ditch just 55 days earlier ...

We are clueless, blindfolded. We believe we're in full control of our life, while something else, oblivious to us, is calling the shots in determining the quality of our relationships.  We don't know what we don't know.  And all this time, you're thinking there must be something wrong with you.  Well, no, it's not you. Nothing's wrong with so you can stop repeating this dialogue in your head. Do you feel better now?  See? You already feel better.

Watch Closely...
Observe how toxic relationships are formed, set themselves in as "replays" messing up our relationships, and the quality of our life!
As you read, notice the influence of the environment...  stick with me!
*No worries once busted, you're on your way out!*

Once In My Life...

To this day. I've only met one person with a similar story to mine. I will call him Ron to protect his privacy.

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My Teen Years - The Dark Ages ...

Saturday, December 19, 1964 ...

One week before Christmas, late afternoon ... the phone rang.  My father had a massive heart attack while stacking the grocery bags stuffed with Christmas goodies into his van. He was  taken to the ER where doctors tried in vain to resuscitate him. A week later, Christmas Eve, standing chilled under an icy rain storm - we buried my father.

I was 6 years old at that time ... my father had just turned 49.

My Life With My Mother Would Never Be The Same Again...


In retrospect, I can see the stream of serious irresponsible decisions she took over the years. Each poor decision was a perfect replica of the one before, colored by the same limited beliefs. My mother was the perfect example of how hypnotic conditioning takes control of your entire life, and repetitive patterns are forged.


My own battle was not with addiction,
my battle was with fear and anxiety and surviving on pure instinct...
right at the center of drugs, guns, and bank robbers.


Temper tantrums, my mother's or mine, would flare up in a snap, creating overwhelming anxiety in me. Stomach pain was constant, leading to lengthy vomiting episodes lasting until the wee hours of the morning. These vomiting episodes would occur sometimes up to three times a month, and dogged me for years!


Wake-Up Louise ... You're Lying Right Next To A Loaded Rifle ...

There's one night I will never forget. My boyfriend at the time and I had to sleep with a shotgun between us. His brother, a coke-head, was threatening to kill him.  This guy was already deep into bank robbery.

I will never ever forget that night.  I was afraid I was going to be killed.


​"I Am Ready To Be So Much More..." ~ Rickie Bernard Beckwith

With “half” a high school diploma under my armpit, the Grace of God, and a flaming ADHD disorder — never diagnosed —I managed to get hired as a legal assistant at a big law firm in downtown Montréal.  My way-out ticket, I had just turned 18.

The new environment I was now exposed to, this law firm, is where I found structure for the first time in my life.

I had a working schedule, my day was organized, I was surrounded by more role models than I could wish for! It felt so right being there.  At last, order was entering my life.  Skills I had, although unaware of, started emerging. I realize now that the law firm's working environment was the catalyst needed for my gifts to surface. 

The Pearls We Seek Are Hidden In The Dark.  
You Use Them or Their Dark Side Will Use You. ~ Louise Grogan

My Twenties

By the time I reached my 20’s, toxic relationships were at the source of many dramas and frustrations. 

True or False?

"You can take someone out of the city street, but you can't take the city street out of someone."


I Was About To Find Out — so I thought...


Now ... Let's Talk About You

Would you like to believe this can absolutely happen to you?  How about waking up every day looking forward to your day with a zest for life?  How many times do we try to change our lives and nothing seems to work?

Take my story and use it to fuel your willpower, your courage and determination.  Trust this true story.  Everything is a mindset.

Can it be that simple ?

It largely depends on you.

There is nothing in this world that would inspire me more than to hear that you used Scripting Your Way Out, and that you are free.

I invite you to experiment with the life-transforming power of a tool like Scripting Your Way Out.

I assure you that once you learn its valuable guidelines, your tomorrow, your life will never be the same.

You will never look back.

Without Scripting?
I would still be trapped, insecure, and afraid.