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  • Zest for life!
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  • Up on stage or on line, she is passionate, truthful, witty, and can always make you laugh in joy!


Transform Your Life By Design - Fantasy or Reality?

Discover how, independent of the appearance of your present circumstances, you can reinvent yourself and your life. Bystander or proactive? Your choice.

​Discover What Mostly Stands in the Way of Money Flowing Into Your Life

The truth of the matter is we can write and repeat affirmations until our face turns purple, we can think powerful positive thoughts and rehearse them day in and day out, attend seminars, workshops, or conferences of some of the best internationally known life transformers, and our financial situations would remain the same. Why?  Because this information will remain in our intellect, until implementation. This presentation will give answers that may surprise you.

The Four Stages to Unfold Your Life's Purpose 

Discover the four major key point phases that contribute to crreating a meaningful life and setting you right on purpose.

Introduction to the Law of Attraction:  Myths and Realities

Gain knowledge that will empower and impact you in a positive way by exploring five important dimensions of your lives, (financial, relational, intellectual, spiritual and physical.

​The Art of Scripting Your Way Out

Words do matter for they become behavior, things, and events. How do we efficiently structure a script to maximize an end result? The Do's and Don'ts.

A Good Crisis Is A Terrible Thing To Waste; Bless The Mess

A crisis is an event seeking a higher and better way of reorganization in your life. Drama, or participation in your empowerment? Your choice.

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