Video: What Creates Repetitive Patterns of Behavior ?

When I left the survival environment where I lived and grew up for 20 years, I thought I was free.  Far from me, did I know, how my relationships would be affected by repetitive patterns of behavior.  After all, "we", were nothing like "them", right? Well, yes and no. as far as the environment was concerned. However, rest assured the impact stayed with me, dictating its will and showing its ugly face, and I lived my life from reaction to reaction day in and day out. Sounds familiar? How can we stop this impostor from ruining the relationships in our lives and everything else in between? 

Join me on my blog, we'll get to the bottom of this topic. First off, the mere fact of talking about it will begin to transform your life.

Louise Grogan

Louise is an empowering and engaging communicator. She ignites the heart of her listeners to engage in their own process of reinventing their life, and that, in the midst of what appears to be impossible for them. A self-made life transformer rising from hardship and challenging life, and live-or-die threatening environments makes her a force to reckon with. Louise approaches and straightforwardness will empower you the instant you'll meet her. I guarantee it.

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