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A Four-Week Live Webinar Series

Break FreeFrom toxic people and relationships!

"When I share my good news, I get the silent treatment..."

Resentful and drained from all the negative conversations and feelings

replaying in your mind for days?


It All Ends Here.

All You Need To Know

on How To Break Free From toxic people and relationships for good!

Week One


Reconnect To The Value You Bring To Your Relationships.

Do You Know Your Value?

What Is Your Description of a Value?

What Is Your Body Language Saying About You?

Good Givers Attract Good Takers.

Worksheet for the following week.



Zero-Tolerance List Explained

Week Two

Worksheet for the following week.

Good Givers Attract Good Takers.

How Many Times Do We Need to Hear "Let it Go!"?

Why Do We Wait So Long?


Who's to Blame?

Week Three


"These Red Flags We Ignore

or Don't See"

Red Flags We Ignore or Don't See

How About Compassion?

Worksheet for the following week.

Good Givers Attract Good Takers.

The Four Golden Keys to a Balanced Relationship.


Louise Grogan

Week Four


Bring Your Questions

And Comments!

Your input and questions matter. 

They can benefit the growth and relief of some of our webinar participants who are too shy to ask. 

Each one of us is a teacher with empowering insights to contribute. 

Set Your Boundarires -Your Comfort Zone



What Can You Expect?


What Can You Expect?

  • Solutions and tools that will allow you to peacefully let go of toxic people and create empowering relationships.

  • Your Iron-Clad Red Flag List!

  • Tool to help your discover the priceless value you bring to the table in any relationship.

  • Your questions answered in each webinar's Q&A session.

  • Your links to video replays of the webinars emailed to you FREE if you're unable to attend the webinars.

  • Your FREE REPORT "The Three Main Types of Friends." (Be aware of who you share your dreams with!)

 I Totally Get It!
Been There Done That...

Let's see...

  • An eight-year marriage with a bipolar, emotionally unpredictable, cluttered recovering alcoholic who never finished a project, threw temper tantrums, and failed to practice his 12-steps daily lifestyle other than an occasional AA meeting.

  • Two five-year "friendships" in which I dropped -- more often than not -- everything to give time, listen and assist, often held captive on the phone listening to their problems without any space to engage in the conversation. 

  • My share of silent treatments that would exasperate me and frustrate me.

  • Red Flags? You could have slapped me in the face with them, and I wouldn't have seen them.

  • Toxic family members? Yes, and for many years.  That is a different kind of beast unto itself.

What would be the consequences

of ignoring this problem?

You will get more of the same.
Guess who is left behind feeling frustrated, and resentful for days or weeks?
What we resist, Persists.

This Program Is one of the Best Investments You Can Make In Yourself And Your Quality of Life!

Don't Be Left Behind

Join THIS WEBINAR series Today!

(SPOTS are limited!)

Three Easy



$77.00 / month*

Let Go of Toxic Relationships!

*Value  $350.00




Let Go of Toxic Relationships!

*Value  $350.00

If you feel like this program would benefit someone you care about,

please feel free to...


Thank you!

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What People Say About Louise...

I love to work with Louise. She's a great woman too who have some magic words which changed the perception of the difficult transition I'm going through in my marriage relationship.

Thank you, Louise!



Bangalore, India

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