About Louise BIOGRAPHY - Transform Your Life by Design | Life Transformation Strategies with Louise Grogan

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling...
it's in rising every time we fall." ~Confucius, 551 BC

In a few words,  what I do is who I am, and who I am is what I do.

Facts About Me...

I work with women in a team capacity.  Women who are seeking to understand the dynamics, connect with their boundaries, learn how to set them and break the cycle without guilt, shame, and blame.   Peacefully and uneventfully.

I will give you only the best of my expertise in different aspect related to your situation. I expect your best commitment. As the saying goes, "the more we put in the more we get out."

Louise began her teaching experience while training for three years on a competitive level with the Canadian Women Weightlifting Team, and for an additional three years as a competitive bodybuilder. She is a Kripalu certified Yoga teacher and silent meditation teacher. 

Louise owned and developed a highly successful fitness club for ten years increasing its membership from a shy 15 active members to 2,500 active members 

Her life experiences pushed her to pursue inner life transformation education via seminars and workshops with some of the most internationally renowned teachers and authors of the 21st century. After almost 20 years of continued studies, dedication and implementation of these acquired tools, Louise's life transformed the quality of her life and her beliefs dramatically. Louise has successfully worked with a wide variety of clients as a personal coach and life transformation consultant.

Today, Louise feels fulfilled in many areas of her life, and is now dedicated to inspiring others to experience their own life fulfillment. Louise invested hundreds of thousands of hours learning and implementing rock solid life-shift principles and practices with tremendous results in the midst of chaotic environments, unstable life situations, and drama.  Her expertise and knowledge gives her a deep understanding on how to undo these draining dynamics and create a meaningful and fulfilling life.  Louise is the most efficient and at her best when working with people ready to take responsibility, take their life into their hands, focus, and take action.

Louise shifted her life in the midst of serious unstable environments threatening her. She ended up in a life full of peace of mind, nice R&R, abundance, and something to look forward to every day. After a powerful inner-awareness experience, Louise was led to create Transform Your Life by Design, as a channel to connect with those ready to take a leap into a new life adventure. 

Louise – The Speaker

Louise is a gifted speaker who engages with her audience in a very dynamic and down-to-earth way. By listening to her words you absorb her zest for life, and feel inspired to take action in transforming your own life. Her spoken thoughts rekindle broken spirits and awaken the wisdom inside your heart. Up on stage or online, she is passionate, truthful, witty, and can always make you laugh with joy. She delivers a powerful message and breakthrough methods that have proven very effective in her own life. Her expertise has successfully guided many individuals from all walks of life through their own journey of inner growth. Her message will inspire you to engage in the discovery of your passion and vision. Louise shares real-life poignant moments others can easily relate to and learn from, as her voice speaks truth in a very positive, life changing way.

Louise – The Entrepreneur

Louise owned and developed a highly successful fitness club for ten years increasing its membership from a shy 15 active members to 2,500 active members including revenue and assets. She coordinated and managed the marketing, advertising, and media of the fitness club facility. She is the founder of Transform Your Life By Design also known as Transformation in Action and Freedom Now.

Louise's Words of Appreciation to Her Spiritual Teachers

"I wish to express my sincere and utmost gratitude to the life transforming teachers whose principles, beliefs and philosophies largely contributed to who I have become today and to my ongoing transformation."

"A very special heartfelt “thank you!” God, the Lord of Majesty and Forgiveness whose love is unconditional regardless of how unworthy WE think we are. I am so grateful and thankful. A shower of thank you to my wonderful husband David Grogan, for his precious support, , insights, sense of humor and infinite patience, I love you, David. The most grateful appreciation to people who were and are  involved to the continuous growth of this journey. They were and are a blessing in disguise:

Debbie Ford

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Joe Vitale

Michael Beckwith

Jack Canfield

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Joe Dispenza

Debbie Ford

Louise Hay