BREAK FREE from toxic people and relationships

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Understand and LEARN how to break the cycle 

of Toxic People and Relationships!

With each relationship 
we forget the VALUE of all the gifts we bring to the table! 

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Why Is This 4-Week Skype Program So Great?

  • You will finally have the ability to recognize and understand these Red Flags which is priceless. 
  • It will release you, once-and-for-all from all these endless arguments causing friction and resentment.
  • You will be re-energized as you learn more and understand this dynamic.
  • You will be able to see yourself from the objective perspective of a non-bias coach.

IF YOU ARE THIS WOMEN, then this program is for you. 

What's In It For You In This Package

We connect on Skype for our first session.

  • We go over the program material together to give you an overview of how it will unfold.
  • I will ask you to write two short paragraphs for each of the last five toxic relationships you experienced. This is a powerful tool that will give you valuable insights and start connecting the dots.
  • You will quickly start to connect-the-dots and see the end of this emotional roller coaster. 
  • You will have unlimited access to my personal email box for the time of this program.


We Connect On Skype For Our First Session.

  • We go over your document together at a convenient time for both of us.
  • Honest and straightforward answers will help us zero in on the issues, so you receive the most benefit. 
  • As we move into the program, you will reconnect with your value, get emotionally detached with a clear and peaceful mind.
  • You will have unlimited access to my personal email box for the time of this program.

Time to get rid of the confusion, second-guessing.  Time to gain clarity!

We Build The Momentum.  On your mark...Time to get bluntly honest with ourselves. The more genuine you answer the worksheets the more you'll get out of this program. Time to get rid of the goo, clean the slate, and get clear about this!

We Connect On Skype For Our First Session.

This is where all the pieces will start to come together.​​​​ ​

  • We will look at a powerful visual diagram that will shift your understanding at a deep level.
  • You will receive your final worksheet that will unveil the inner gifts that want to live through you. It's time to remember your value.
  • You will have unlimited access to my email box for the time of this program.

You will realize that all that time, a lack of knowledge and understanding as well as fear were at the root of these experiences. 

week four
We Connect On Skype For Our First Session.

How and Where To Begin?

There's No Better Place Than Here and Now!

  • We will summarize our sessions and go over any other questions you may have.
  • I will provide you with the tools that will assist you in keeping you focused and emotionally detached.
  • Integrating compelling knowledge transforms us, and it can happen quickly.  
  • You will have unlimited access to my email box for the time of this program of time of this program.


Louise brings more than 30 years of solid hands-on expertise to the table by inspiring others to take action in creating and living a fulfilling live.  Her years of experience and efficient life-shifting techniques have assisted women in going beyond what they believed was possible.  Best of all, her zest for life is contagious! 

Louise is a recognized expert, assisting others with understanding the finer points of relationship dynamics. Her proven principles generate optimum outcomes for women who take the opportunity to work with her.

"A relationship is toxic when genuine appreciation is not felt and shared in a balanced way. Do the actions match the words your hear?"


~Louise Grogan

What People Say...

Let Go of Toxic People and Relationships

Melanie D.

Louise knows how to create a "safe space" to talk to her.  I let my guard down and open up. I felt validated in what I felt, but could not quite see it.  I finally let go of a relationship that was pulling me down. I discovered my boundaries and learn how to recognize the "red flags." 

Let Go of Toxic People and Relationships

Lucie B

I was born and grew up in the heart of a street gang territory. This "fight or fight" constant feeling had left me with a load of baggage to take care of and unload.

When I consulted Louise, I was stuck in a pattern of toxic relationships. Dealing with same dramas and emotional issues from my past.
Louise knowledge and hand-on expertise made me connect a lot of dots.

Do I still have toxic relationships? No. I never had another one since.

Let Go of Toxic People and Relationships

Lorraine M.

I discovered in Louise someone with compassion, focused, and funny!  She works in a team style.  She gave me key-pointers on how to recognized red-flags quickly and understand them without judgment.  I have ADHD and a high level of anxiety. The level of my anxiety significantly decreased. 
Thank you, Louise!

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